Beast Village, 501c3, headquartered in San Diego, California, is a nonprofit holding company that helps small-batch manufacturers make and sell original products. We offer web first operation management tools, resources, and storytelling services to help small-batch producers offer retailers and consumers customizable services. Our tools help microfactories create experiences and build a culture with minimal external dependence.

It takes a village to run a business.

We build tools for microfactories to localize operations, shorten supply chains and bring makers closer to their end-users.

We want companies to use our services to create communities around their microfactories.


There will be a gold rush of microfactories in the era of globalization to compete with mass production. Decentralized applications, robotics, AIs are now all tools accepted by the mainstream and will be shovels and the sieves for this gold. Beast Village is the glue that holds these tools together and supports small batch producers.

Localization and strong community roots allow microfactories to transcend economic and social status. Location also withstands pandemics, natural disasters, and smear campaigns.


Factories are the engines of communities, but the bigger they get, the less they are reliant on local resources. We always hear that “small businesses are the backbone of our economy,” but there are so little resources available to help them succeed. Even the unicorn startups are indebted to banks and government loans, while more than 50% of small businesses fail within 5 years.

Operational challenges are most often what cause businesses to fail - their loss (from inefficient tools or processes) outweigh their revenue and hinder their ability to grow. As a nonprofit, our digital tools and resources will be offered at a nominal fee to give new businesses a head start at customer relations and operational management without breaking the bank. Each project we take on gives us an opportunity to improve our resources and help future startups.

We will never have the need to rely on charitable donations, small businesses will fuel new small businesses and the cycle will continue to outlive us.

WHY NOW? (Our goal + Why we are needed)

In this economy, the means of production are now in the hands of individuals, not large corporations. Small businesses do not have a competitive advantage because mega factories can dominate small community producers. New businesses are not able to build operations management tools and resources to build their own culture. There is no better time than now to connect makers with end users.


Our products help companies build their own village.

OMaaS v3
(by Beast Village)

OMaaS by Beast Village is the first “Operations Management as a Service” in the world. OMaaS helps microfactories with the most critical business functions. OMaaS helps administer business practices to convert materials and labor into goods and services as efficiently as possible so microfactories can grow as long as they want without investment. Effectively controlling the production process and business operations, microfactories can deliver directly to their end-users based on users’ custom needs. We provide Web3 compatible e-commerce, manufacturing (acquire, develop, and deliver goods), customer and affiliate relations (CRM), and content management (CMS) platforms.

(by Beast Village)

OMaaS by Beast Village is the first Our industrial heat chamber dehydrates, incubates, or cultivates any product requiring controlled temperature and humidity. Our method protects the cell integrity, while other solutions permanently damage the cell membranes.
Check out the 3D modeling of Universal Chamber.